About The Job Club

History & Objectives

The Job Club, founded in 2007, is an initiative coming from business which identifies and implements sustainable community development projects in all communities. We are motivated by the privilege of being able to empower impoverished communities through our skills training, job creation and enterprise development programmes. The organisations objectives are directly aligned to the Government’s National Development Plan (NDP) which specifies a critical action being that of “a social impact to reduce poverty and equality and raise employment and investment” In short, the National Development Plan (NDP) from Government talks towards unemployment in SA and The Job Club business model talks towards implementation of the NDP.

Our business model targets women as mothers of the nation, as well as youth and unemployed people. Essential to our success is the participation of businesses, mentors and local stakeholders to support and implement our projects. Businesses particularly appreciate the opportunity afforded to them to not only be part of a holistic solution to community building and economic development but also to derive the benefits of achieving their BEE scorecard and CSI objectives.

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